Trane HVAC System Cost

When shopping for new central air equipment, understandably, price is at the forefront of your shopping initiative.

Because HVAC systems are not “plug and play,” calculating costs for these types of installations can vary greatly between units and the property they are being assembled in.

Before going over costs it’s important we mention- the most important decision you can make before purchasing your new HVAC unit, is choosing the right contractor.  Why Choose a Trane Comfort Specialist

Statistics have shown, about 25% of the money we spend in heating and cooling utility costs are due to inefficiencies in the way the HVAC system was installed.

The performance and longevity of your system will rely to a considerable degree on how the HVAC installer chooses to construct your system.

With that in mind, here are some typical prices for Trane units.

Trane HVAC System Average Price
Trane XV20i $6,000 to $11,746
Trane XL20i $4,561 to $10,325
Trane XL19i $4,300 to $9,890
Trane XV18 $4,327 to $9,511
Trane XL18i $4,000 to $9,000
Trane XR17 $3,850 to $8,817
Trane XL16i $3,797 to $8,625
Trane XR16 or XB16 $3,692 to $8,564
Trane XR15 $3,485 to $8,419
Trane XL15i $3,390 to $8,340
Trane XR14 $3,168 to $8,291
Trane XL14i $3,099 to $8,187
Trane XR13 $3,060 to $7,234
Trane XB13 $2,955 to $6,250

Trane HVAC System Reviews 2018

According to a recent study by AdWeek, statistics show that 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a major purchase.  Stats also show that 60% of consumers will read product reviews online before choosing their product.=

When searching for reviews on HVAC systems, you will likely see more negative reviews than positive ones.  In fact, Consumer Reports shows Trane as having a 1 out of 5 star review.

But here’s the problem with these reviews from Consumer Reports…

If you had a central air conditioner installed and it worked perfectly after installation, would you go online and write a positive review on the manufacturer or the HVAC installer?

Presumably, like most people, you would  write the positive review on the HVAC installer, not the system manufacturer.


If your system failed prematurely, you would most likely blame the manufacturer of the equipment, not the HVAC installer.

In this circumstance,  you would immediately go online and express your negative experience with your central air equipment and use the brand name as the culpable party.

What most consumers don’t understand, is that premature failure of your HVAC equipment is predominantly induced by the installing contractor.

If your equipment fails 2 years after installation, it’s probably the contractor’s fault, not the HVAC brand name.

Do you see why Consumer Reports can have a very skewed and oblique review on HVAC manufacturers?

Here at Corman & Sons, we install any make and model HVAC system.  However, we get asked often…

“Which is the best HVAC system to go with?”

Although each answer can vary based on unique situations, we more than often recommend Trane.

Why does Corman and Sons recommend Trane?

After being in the HVAC industry for multiple decades, our experience servicing and installing Trane equipment, has been nothing short of remarkable.  Not only do we see these systems outlast others,  they have longevity, durability, and unique warranties.

We also experience first-hand how Trane stays on the cutting edge of technology to ensure each new unit runs at peak performance.

Additionally, Trane provides unparalleled support to their dealers and installers.  When parts, accessories, or warranty replacements are needed, Trane has always delivered the best overall service to their dealers.

Trane HVAC System Ratings 2018

Trane makes a variety of residential HVAC products.  You can view them all by visiting here: Trane Residential Products. had a large owner survey regarding the owner satisfaction with Trane. When it came to reliability, Trane had above average feedback from owners and HVAC experts.

Why does Trane have above average ratings?

A unique, and critical part of Trane’s longevity is their testing.  Trane uses a performance factory to run their equipment in extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, and snow to ensure under harsh conditions the HVAC systems still work as intended.

Other Unique Features from Trane:

Spine-Fin Coils: Trane makes their coils out of aluminum.  Which is 5 times more resistant to corrosion than coils made of copper.  The design of the coil fosters more efficient heat transfer.

Variable Speed Cooling: Better humidity control, improved indoor air-quality, and quieter when operating are all features of Trane’s variable speed cooling abilities.

Proprietary Compressor:  Instead of outsourcing the fabrication of it’s compressor, like nearly 80% of other companies, Trane makes it’s own compressor. This allows the system to work better and operate at optimum levels.

Exclusive Air Scrubbing System:  Improved indoor air quality derives right inside the unit.  Trane Clean Effects  is a whole house air cleaner that is 100 times more effective than a standard air filter.


Remember, the most important part isn’t the brand name you choose, but the contractor your hire to install it.

HVAC systems don’t snap together and plug in.  When your contractor purchases the HVAC, it is in pieces and is uncalibrated.

Your HVAC installer really is the person at the end of the manufacturing line.


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